Every Mustang lover will agree; Mustangs are an addiction, once bitten by this icon in the car industry it is hard to let it go. Even if you don't own a real one, you could be very passionate about the horse emblem. Some people collect die-cast models, some collect pictures or other memorabilia.
Just like most of the current mustang owners, I saw these beautiful cars passing by way back when I was just a kid. Years later, many years later I finally could afford to buy one for my own.


The reason I set up this website is manifold; first of all, everyone with a passion for something, wants to share that passion with others, secondly I found that reading a lot of mustang related forums searching for answers or tips was cumbersome to say the least, You find everything, but it is sometimes hard since all howto's and tips n tricks are just added to a chaotic collection of information. I intend to organize them by section. A bit like an online carshop would catagorize ( engine, exterior, interior, suspension, etc... ).
finally, I will use my own project as a base for this website. The restoration of my car can be followed on my blog. Everytime I come across an interesting item it will get its own place in the howto section on this website.


If you want to share information, have a handy tip for buying,restoring, or maintaining your mustang, please send me a mail or put a comment on my blog.


Picture taken at the Mustang Nationals at Canberra April 2007